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Surveying Ponds for Facilities Plan

Surveying for Facilities Plan

Communities and bordering streets locations of ponds;


  1. LK58-GW (Stoney Brook) borders streets,

Gem Stone Ct., Pebble Brook Blvd., Stone Tower Loop and Ivory Stone Loop

  1. LK59-GW (Stoney Brook) borders streets,

Blue Stone Cir., Muddy Creek Ln. and Pebble Brook Blvd.

  1. LK62-GW (Stoney Brook) borders streets,

Pebble Stone Ct., Green Stone Ct., and Pebble Brook Blvd.

  1. LK79-DP (Daniels Preserve) borders streets,

Country Day Cir. and Commerce Lakes Dr.

  1. LK85-GW (Silver Lakes) borders streets,

Lakeland Cir., Shore Side Ct., Lake Pines Ct. and Silver Sands Dr.

  1. LK88-GW (Silver Lakes) borders streets,

Silver Sands Dr., Lakeland Cir., Lakehurst Ct. and Lake Meadows Dr.

  1. LK91-GW (Gateway Soccer Complex) borders streets,

Griffin Dr. and Soccer Dr.

  1. LK93-GW (Timber Ridge) borders streets,

Timber Ridge Dr., Bay Timber Ct. and Pine Timber Ln.

  1. LK95-GW (Timber Ridge and Towne Lakes Commercial Area) borders streets,

Ledgewood Cir., Towne Lakes Dr. and Gateway Blvd.

  1. LK101-GW ( Fairway Isles South and Santa Luz) borders streets,

Santa Luz Dr., Fairway Isles Dr., Wedge Dr. and Westlinks Dr.

  1. LK103-GW (Fairway Isles North) borders streets,

Fairway Isles Dr., Wedge Dr. and Grand Isles Way.

  1. LK117-GW (Champions Greens) borders streets,

Championship Dr. and Championship Cir.

  1. LK123-GW (Mahogany Isles) borders streets,

Mahogany Isles Ln.

  1. LK127-GW ( Cypress Links and Hidden Links Condos) borders streets,

Cypress Links Dr. and Brassie Loop.

  1. LK130-GW (Hidden Links and Prato) borders streets,

Hidden Links Dr. and Prato Dr.