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Irrigation System Operational & available

As of September 21, 2017 – Gateway Community – Irrigation is working

The repairs required by FPL have been completed as of 09/21/2017. The irrigation system is back online, however we will continue to monitor the system as it become available throughout the community.  Gateway Services CDD continues to work through the damage of Hurricane Irma. If additional repairs are required the Utility staff will work on addressing any major breaks in the Gateway Services CDD irrigation system and communicate accordingly.

We will communicate any major problems or additional repairs discovered on the irrigation system.

If a minor leaks is discovered on the customer side of the meter, please turn off your irrigation system until repairs are completed.

Please note: Gateway Services CDD will charge a $25 turn off &/or $25 turn on meter fee.

All updates or future notifications regarding the irrigation water supply on the Gateway Services website at www.gatewaydistrict.org under the ALERTS banner located on the center of the home page.

Thank You

Gateway Services CDD