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2016 Water Quality Report

2016 Water Quality Report The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that utilities issue this annual Consumer Confidence Report to customers by July 1st of each year. This 2016 report details where your water comes from, what it contains, and the...

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Have You Seen These?

Educational and Informational Included in this alert are photos of Repeaters that you will see throughout Gateway. These Repeaters are for the AMI system regarding the Meter Replacement Project. They are battery operated and they act as Repeaters...

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Gateway Featured in LifeStyles Magazine

New Supervisor Kathleen Flaherty will author a segment about Gateway Services Community Development District in the March LifeStyles Magazine! Visit our website to stay current on where and when you may read more about your local community!

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Gateway launches new website

Gateway Services CDD launched its new website on February 24th 2017. The new design is intended to be more informative and easy to use. We have launched Phase 1, and you will notice that several pages are still under construction. We continue to...

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Monthly Highlights Report for the Month of September

Gateway Services Community Development District (GSCDD) Scheduled Public Hearing By:  Kathy Flaherty   After the Public Hearing on Thursday, August 17 the Supervisors of Gateway voted to adopt the budget for the Fiscal Year 2018.   They...

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